Crazy Flasher 3

Crazy Flasher 3

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  • WASD = Move
  • B/M = Attack/Special
  • N = Jump
  • Space = Choose Weapon
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Description: Become the ultimate street fighting champion ...

Crazy Flasher 3 is the story of a street fighter who is on a mission to becoming a master street fighter. Play in fights to the death with a large variety of weapons to kill everybody on the screen and earn more money. Play the story mode or play a quick death match game to earn some extra money for weapons.┬áDon’t run out of cash or health, or your fighting spree comes to an end! Use WASD to move, B to attack, N to jump, M for special attack, and spacebar to choose your weapon.

Crazy Flasher 3, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings