Clash of the Olympians

Clash of the Olympians

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  • Game utilizes the mouse only.
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Description: Protect the temple! ...

Play has Heracles, Achilles, or Perseus in Clash of the Olympians, an epic tower defense game! Pick up your spear, boulder, crate, or whatever else your character is set to throw and hurl it at your enemy! Protect the temple from the enemy attackers by taking them down. Hold down the mouse button to charge up your throw, then unleash your fury upon your enemy. If your temple takes 100 hit points in Clash of the Olympians, it’s game over. Kill your enemy with your very first shot for an award, finish the staged with an undamaged temple for another award, and prevent the enemies from getting past the flag point for even another award!

Clash of the Olympians, 3.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings