Bullet Bill 3

Bullet Bill 3

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  • Game utilizes the mouse only.
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Description: Crush Mario levels as Bullet Bill ...

Does a flash game where you control Bullet Bill from Mario around and smash him into enemies and blocks sound like fun to you? If you answered yes, I believe Bullet Bill 3 will more than satisfy your urge to destroy mario levels with the speed and ferocity of Bullet Bill. These poor little Goombas don’t stand a chance against an angry Bullet Bill! This game’s awesome sound effects, fast-paced gameplay, and classic Mario style will make this an instant favorite amont Mario fans. Bullet Bill 3 uses the mouse only; use your mouse to move Bullet Bill into blocks and enemies. Just be careful you don’t hit any walls, or you’ll explode and have to start over. Time to blast through a Mario level in record time!

Bullet Bill 3, 4.0 out of 5 based on 11 ratings