Bubble Struggle 2

Bubble Struggle 2

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  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • Space Bar = Spring Spear
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Description: Don't let the bubbles hit the devil! ...

Bubble Struggle 2 is the sequel to the Bubble Struggle flash game. Your character is a red devil who has to pop all of the bouncing bubbles with his spear within a before the red meter runs out and you run out of time! To pop the bubbles, control the devil with the arrow keys and use spacebar to launch a spring spear. Touching a bubble will lose one of your lives; try your best to make combos and pop the bubbles before the time runs out! This game uses the keyboard to launch a spiraling spear that reaches towards the ceiling. The spears are sharp enough to pierce multiple bubbles, so try to take out multiples with a single spear!

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