Armed With Wings 2

Armed With Wings 2

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  • Z/X= Attack
  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • A = Grab
  • C = Special Attack
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Description: Regain your lost throne ...

In Armed With Wings 2, you fight as a warrior seeking to claim your lost throne, and collect all four blades of Eden. The four blades are the only way to defeat the new powerful emperor, Armed With Wings. You are highly trained, and can use a wide variety of attacks to slay your opponents where they stand. Your character has the ability to jump 50 feet high, take down 3 opponents in a matter of seconds, and use his sword to slice his enemies into bits. Follow your journey across all 5 worlds, collect the blades of Eden, and gain control of your world!

Armed With Wings 2, 4.4 out of 5 based on 12 ratings